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How to create the Superstar online shop with Digital Marketing strategy

Rp 450,000


Hi Digital Entrepreneurs! With the emergence of internet, the proliferation of marketplace e-commerce, and the booming popularity of social media, doing business with anyone anytime anywhere becomes very easy. Nowadays, starting an online shop takes very minimal startup capital, minimal inventory, minimal employees and even minimal contact with customers unlike in brick-and-mortar shop era. What starts easy in the beginning may not continue to be easy in the long run. One can start an online shop today, a million more can also start their online shops tomorrow. With online market getting crowded, how can your online shop stand out from the competition? How can you persuade customers to shop on your online shop more and often? What is your strategy in place in winning the stiff competition? How can Digital Marketing help to win your online shop over competition?

- What are the negative issues facing most online shops that your online shop must avoid at all cost?
- What is the strategy to excel in online/marketplace e-commerce?
- How can you improve your store (visual and content) to attract more traffic and sales?
- What should you do to engage and retain customers so they become loyal?

- Introduction to DIGITAL MARKETING
a. What is Digital Marketing?
b. Why is Digital Marketing important?
c. A day in the journey of Digital Marketing consumer
- Hands-On coaching on how to use Facebook Advertising Manager
- Hands-On coaching on how to use Social Media Marketing to boost sales 10 x bigger
- How to evaluate advertising campaign result on Social Media Marketing

PRICE INCLUSIVE : Snacks and Drink

NEED TO BRING : laptop, facebook account

CLASS TYPE : workshop

PRICE : IDR 450.000,-

LOCATION : Gedung Salubritas 2nd floor,

 Jl. Garuda no. 39, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat 10620

DATE & TIME : 18 May 2019 / 09:00 – 13:30 WIB


LEVEL : basic

LANGUAGE : Bahasa Indonesia

SPEAKER NAME : Richie Indrajaya


Richie Indrajaya B.Com.

Graduated with Merit from University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia majoring in Accountancy and MarketingHis working experience in a variety of industries including fashion retail, offset printing, garment manufacturing, banking (last position as Head of Savings Department), HongKong buying agent, and Business Consulting (Arthur Andersen Jakarta and Orange County, USA office), lubricant and food supplementUpon resignation as a professional, he established several businesses such as garment manufacturing, food & beverage, free magazine, corporate training and fashionHe wrote one business book titled “Jangan Takut Mulai Bisnis”, and two career development books “Karir Sukses Dapat Diraih” and “Professional Sukses Dapat Dicapai”


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