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How to master Branding Strategy for your Startup

Rp 400,000


Hi, Startup Founders! Do you realize that in this 21st century the battle to win over the heart, the eyes, the mind (and the wallet) of consumers is no longer about who provides best products and services but whose BRAND stands out more in consumers’ mind? Which BRAND is more familiar and popular with its target market? How does BRAND communicate with its consumers? How can a BRAND turn its customers into loyalists then evangelists? 21st century consumers consume a BRAND’s ads content through their smartphone in a split of seconds. If the BRAND’s ads content is unattractive, then they will swipe swiftly moving on to another content.

Startup companies will face hard times if they intend to gain market share (or sales or profit) first but sacrifice its BRAND IMAGE. Startup companies will find it challenging to grab great sales if their advertising content is all about hard selling.

Being new entrants to the industry, startup companies must prioritize BRANDING strategy to penetrate consumers’ mind better than established brands. Gary Vaynerchuk – entrepreneur and internet personality – believes that BRAND contributes to great sales. He himself preaches and puts it into practice to gain personal BRAND by giving out tons of free materials over the internet.


  • What is your startup’s Brand Philosophy?
  • How do you create a Brand that resonates with your target market?
  • Understand your target audience’s buyer persona
  • How do you create Brand Identity to be used in marketing content?
  • Some strategies to position your startup Brand in target customers’ mind correctly
  • How do you communicate your startup Brand internally (with your team) and externally (with real customers)?
  • How to transform yourself into a Brand Entrepreneur
  • Branding with Digital Marketing

PRICE INCLUSIVE : Snacks and Drink

NEED TO BRING : notebook

CLASS TYPE : workshop

PRICE : IDR 400.000,-

LOCATION : Gedung Salubritas 2nd floor,

 Jl. Garuda no. 39, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat 10620

DATE & TIME : 25 May 2019 / 09:00 – 12:00 WIB


LEVEL : basic

LANGUAGE : Bahasa Indonesia

SPEAKER NAME : Richie Indrajaya


Richie Indrajaya B.Com.

Graduated with Merit from University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia majoring in Accountancy and MarketingHis working experience in a variety of industries including fashion retail, offset printing, garment manufacturing, banking (last position as Head of Savings Department), HongKong buying agent, and Business Consulting (Arthur Andersen Jakarta and Orange County, USA office), lubricant and food supplementUpon resignation as a professional, he established several businesses such as garment manufacturing, food & beverage, free magazine, corporate training and fashionHe wrote one business book titled “Jangan Takut Mulai Bisnis”, and two career development books “Karir Sukses Dapat Diraih” and “Professional Sukses Dapat Dicapai”


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