Wu Hub CoWorking space

WU Hub Coworking Space is a one stop place for start-up or entrepreneur who offer solution for anything that is needed to build a company.
WU Hub vision is to build Ecosystem Supporting Succesful Startups (ESSS). We Provide them knowledge ny mentoring, supporting them financially by funding and that what make us one community by the collaboration.

Gedung Wirausaha Annex Building P5 Kav C no.5, Jakarta Selatan, 12940

  • Be professional: Respect others and work with them. This is a work place in which you need to act professionally. Introduce yourself and treat others with the respect.
  •  Don't make noises that are too loud: This is a quiet environment in which focus is needed. Speak quietly. Turn off your phone ring tones.
  • Keep it clean: Keep your desk clean and tidy. If something is broken, make us know.
  • No smoking: If you want to smoke you can do it in the rooftop.
  • Network: No torrenting. Use fair network resources. If you need to download or upload large file let others know or do it when it is not crowded.
  • Look after your personal things: WU-HUB is not responsible for your personal stuff. Don't leave your computers or mobile phones unattended. Bring your personal stuff with you when you are leaving or put into a locker.
  • Emergency Plan in the event of evacuation from the space: Follow instructions of the Floor Warden (admin/cashier WU-HUB) and existing safety signs
  • Wu Hub Coworking Space: Gedung Wirausaha Annex Building P5 Kav C no.5, Jakarta Selatan, 12940
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